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Strategy Used By Premier Inn Tourism Essay Essays

Strategy Used By Premier Inn Tourism Essay Essays Strategy Used By Premier Inn Tourism Essay Essay Strategy Used By Premier Inn Tourism Essay Essay Premier Inn is the UKs biggest and fastest turning hotel company, owned by Whitbread. And the company contributes 70 of the entire net incomes of Whitbread ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . As the hotel industry, the development of Premier Inn is extremely dependent on the macro-environment, particularly the touristry industry. Indeed, hotel industry and touristry industry have been so close that the undermentioned cut down in touristry after the economic crisis has strong impact on hotel operations. However, the British hotel industry has been suffered important loss although it has manifested recovery during the old old ages. Last twelvemonth, the go oning crisis in planetary finance and trade has triggered the universe s worst economic dip. UK unprecedented economic contraction was described by Sir Terry, Tesco s main executive, as low point. However, from the 2nd half of twelvemonth 2009, the UK economic system appears to be in a easy recovery. Companies have begun to engage and consumers seem to be increasing. This paper focuses on the schemes used by Premier Inn in this state of affairs. Then we will reexamine these schemes, and urge some declarations to shut the spread. The undermentioned subdivision will besides utilize PEST analysis to scrutinize the macro-environment that Premier Inn is confronting. 2. Review on the Strategy Used by Premier Inn In this portion, we will reexamine the schemes that used by Premier Inn. And we will merely concentrate on the selling scheme and operating scheme. 2.1 Selling Scheme Marketing scheme is really of import and even could be the biggest factor in the success or failure of the company. Premier Inn besides attached great importance to the selling scheme. In this twelvemonth, the company makes an extra 8 million lb in selling investing ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . First, Premier Inn has start out a commercial action program to heighten its position as the preferable hotel trade name for travellers and to pull more leisure clients. They put in topographic point four key levers in their selling program: focused advertisement ; increased gross revenues activity ; Premier Offers ; and widening reserve distribution ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . Furthermore, the new website went unrecorded in November 2008 and has increased visits by 80, and now the site helps to pull over three million visits per month ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . Third, Premier Inn has besides set out development of a new 267 sleeping room budget hotel at Stratford, which adjacent to the Olympic Stadium ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . It can be seen that Premier Inn has already prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games. 2.2 Operating Scheme This paper considers that runing schemes in Premier Inn are as follows: First, Premier Inn has specific short and average term growing plans, which give employees a specific way. For case, the company wants to increase room Numberss in November 2010 by over 2500 suites and aim a 32 addition to 55000 suites in the UK by the terminal of 2014 ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . In add-on, the Premier Inn has decreased the operating expenses alternatively of following streamlining direction, advancing the back-office procedures and presenting a series of procurement enterprises. The company want to command cost tightly, through both procurement and operation efficiencies. And this helped underpin its operation border. Last but non the least, the Whitbread launched Good Together plan in January 2010, to drive sustainable public presentation and farther intensify its corporate duty. This plan has set ends for CO2 decrease, sustainable sourcing and waste direction ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . Premier Inn besides announced that they would construct green hotel. The 60 sleeping room Premier Inn, get downing the concern in fall 2010, will utilize the best degree sustainable building stuffs to cut down 30 C emanation and 40 H2O nest eggs. 3. Evaluation on the Strategy Used by Premier Inn A PEST analysis is an lineation that classifies environmental influences such as political, economic, societal and technological forces ( Camison, 2000 ) . The analysis inspects the impact of each factors on the concern ( IÂ ¤IÂ ±IˆIÂ ±I?IÂ ¬I?IÂ · , 2009 ) . The consequences can be used to prehend the chances or to do eventuality programs for menaces when fixing concern and strategic programs ( Byars, 1991 ; Cooper, 2000 ) . In this portion, we will utilize PEST analysis to evaluation the scheme adopted by Premier Inn. Owing to the limited apprehension of the engineering, we will concentrate on the political, economic and societal factors. At the terminal of this portion, we will give recommendation on the scheme used by Premier Inn. 3.1 Political Factors Government policy is a major influence factor ; its policy will act upon the company straight and indirectly, but they besides offer opportunities and challenges. After the planetary economic downswing in 2008, the authorities has issued a series of policies to hike economic growing. However, the policy aimed at hotel industry or touristry industry is really rare. But when the United Kingdom general election of 2010 was held, the three parties all put frontward many plans to advance the touristry industry. Meanwhile, the British Tourism Association and Hospitality Association has lobby the authorities to issues some policies that are positive to tourist industry and hotel industry. Besides, in 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown offered the proposed plan Low Carbon Industrial Strategy , which plans to supply more than 1.4 billion lb for the low C sector and those already adopted, and outlay 10.4 billion lb for low C investing over the following three old ages ( Plesch, Austin A ; Gr ant, 2005 ) . Based on these political factors, this paper considers that the schemes Premier Inn adopted are valid, particularly the operating scheme. First, the operating scheme in Premier Inn is aggressive which merely run into the political state of affairs. Second, the Premier Inn has launched Good Together plan which aims at CO2 decrease. These patterns non suit the proposal the authorities advocated, but fit the society s environmental demands. 3.2 Economic Factors Economic factors act upon how easy or difficult it is to be successful and moneymaking ( Thompson, 2002 ) . The UK authorities has held a serious of international featuring events in 2009, such as the Ashes and the ICC World Twenty 20. These events may advance visitant Numberss and so hike the hotel industry. In add-on, the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will keep in London. This will supply the Britain hotel industry with a immense opportunity. Obviously, Premier Inn has already seized the chance because it has already developed some hotel which is next to the Olympic Stadium. And the new web site will play a important function in convenient the consumers. Actually, the selling scheme that Premier Inn adopted has already worked. From the one-year study of the Whitbread, Premier Inn outperformed its rivals during October 2009. Regional income was down approximately 6.4 last twelvemonth, compared to a lessening of 8.5 in the regional hotel sector and a diminution of 9.6 in the whole regional hotel industry ( Annual Report, 2009 ) . 3.3 Social Factors Social factors besides play an of import portion in the development of endeavors. Populating conditions, income distribution and life style all have enormous influence on the operating methods of endeavors. With the betterment of life conditions, people are willing to pass more money in basking life and take to loosen up after working, because their work are so busy and they have rare trim clip. Therefore, the services provided by high-ranking hotels merely run into the demands. But after economic crisis, the domestic demand has been weak, and an increasing figure of British people choose to go aboard alternatively of domestic travel. These societal factors are clearly non advantage for the hotel industry. The selling scheme Premier Inn adopted, as we described above, does non take at this societal state of affairs. In the writer s sentiment, these schemes have more concern about the external market other than the domestic societal conditions. But on the other manus, the addition in the figure of non-profit environmental organisations indicates that populace s sensitiveness to environmental issues has significantly increased. The society has become more dying and critical about the environmental patterns of houses. Good Together plan of Premier Inn non merely shows the attempts made in environmental protection, but besides enhances the corporate image and upgrades its endeavor fight. 3.4Technique Factors Technology is widely recognized as an of import competitory advantage ( Chu A ; Choi, 2000 ) . As the hotel industry, technique factor seems have small relationship with the hotel development. But sometimes new and proper engineering could supply unexpected crop. From the scheme we mentioned above, Premier Inn have adopted the new web site that now attracts over three million visits per month. Furthermore, the company has used streamlining direction to cut down the internal cost. In general, we think the scheme used by Premier Inn is really appropriate under the current state of affairs. But the job is that it is excessively much trust on the international tourer industry. Once the eruption of the economic crisis, this manner of operation is really unsafe and company may acquire into problem. Actually, the domestic concern and conference market is a floaty sector for hotel ( 1996 ) ; meanwhile the economic gradual recovery will assist to excite the hotel market. So Premier Inn should do some schemes to pull these possible consumers. To function these high criterions clients, Premier Inn should offer comfortss services to run into the highest demands. High quality and multi-functional suites equipped with latest communicating installations, such as on-line 3D conference, will be really attractive. In inside informations, based on what the man of affairs needs may different from the common consumers, the quick and installation services are obligatory to them. S uch as the office supplies, fast pressmans and speedy wash installations are all really of import to these consumers. 4. Decision In this paper, we focus on the schemes used by Premier Inn after the serious economic crisis. The article chiefly analyzes the selling and operating schemes with PEST analysis in the current state of affairs. In general, we consider that Premier Inn has adopted appropriate schemes to hike its development. But the jobs in the schemes were pointed out that the company has non paid adequate attending on the domestic market. In the writer s sentiment, Premier Inn should pay more attending on its domestic market.

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Cost-Quality Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cost-Quality Relationship - Essay Example The prevention cost therefore works towards trying to control the reduction of possible defects that can be experienced that may have effect on the quality and hence making it difficult to implement the required costs that will work well towards making the organization to grow. Prevention cost tries to employ prevention of defects by enabling companies to employ various techniques such as statistical process control, personnel training or even quality engineering (Festinger, 2001).  Under this kind of cost that regards quality for its operations, there are activities that relate to quality circles as well as the statistical process control. In this regard, the quality circles under this program talk greatly in detail about small numbers of employees that will always have a meeting regularly to discuss the initiatives to select that will help them improve on quality. These circles often include both the employees as well as the management. Some firms tend to provide various forms of technical support to suppliers so as to avoid and prevent defects that could occur in the company. In JIT (just in time) systems for example, there are deliveries of parts from the suppliers in good time as well as in good quality. Parts that have defects can not be accepted and hence the supplier is expected to use sophisticated programs of quality control to enable them supply good parts that lack defects (Festinger, 2001).A company should have adequate programs for the identification of defects in good time within the production process. The appraisal costs are the ones that are set aside for that effect. They are the costs incurred in the endeavor to identify products that are defective before they are actually transported to the consumers. However, maintaining an up to date system of appraisal could be quite expensive as they are for problems that will always be there. The employees are therefore given the responsibility of being responsible for their departments and the produ cts involved so as to avoid much spending on the same mistake continuously. The management that lacks insight may always prefer keeping things in order only when they go wrong and such firms are the kinds that are mostly interested in this kind of cost. The other type of firms is the ones that use fewer funds to control a defect and use the idea to avert future issues that are similar (Festinger, 2001). External Failure Cost: This is the third type of cost that can be applied in the real sense to facilitate quality of services offered in a company. This is mostly applicable in instances whereby the product has already left the company premises and has reached the consumer of the product. This kind of cost includes the provision for repairs, products recall, warranty, replacement or even costs that arise from the legal actions lodged against a company. The warranty, for example, is implemented to pay for any form of defect that may be witnessed in a product within a given period of time, mostly a year or so. Such kinds of problems can decimate the profits of a company (Festinger, 2001). Some managers have in the past embraced the notion that they should supply

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Uk Music Retailers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Uk Music Retailers - Essay Example Just like in any other economy of the world, the UK economy also suffers from quite a number of challenges. Being an important component of the economy, the UK retailers have not been spared from the difficult moments that occasionally characterize the economy. Therefore, some traditional UK retailers such as music retailers who deal with the selling of music CD and VCD have been critically affected. In the past few years, some famous music retailers went bankrupt one after another. Cases in point include the Towers, KPS, and Virgin. Whilst some of the aforementioned retailers were troubled by the market changes, the likes of Find-CD, which is an online music company, were flourishing. According to findings of Traynor (2013) in his research, nearly 140 music retailers are prone to perilous economic period in the near future. A case in point is the HMV music retailer. HMV is credited for having been one of the longest-serving players in the music industry with a history of music retai ling for approximately 91 years.Unfortunately, trends in the recent years spell doom to its operations. Currently, the company no longer accepts gift card payment as well as it has stopped issuing new gift cards in over 200 of its retail stores worldwide. In addition, the London Stock Exchange decided to suspend HMV’s stock trading due to a persistent poor performance of its shares. In a bid to salvage the sorry situation, HMV has contracted Deloitte to investigate the possible solution as well as chart a way forward for the company.... In addition, the London Stock Exchange decided to suspend HMV’s stock trading due to persistent poor performance of its shares. In a bid to salvage the sorry situation, HMV has contracted Deloitte to investigate on the possible solution as well as chart a way forward for the company (Savov, 2013). In 2008, the UK largest music retailer Virgin Megastore faced a host of challenges. This company had stood in London Oxford Street for 18 years. After struggles with its finances and the changing fortunes in the industry, Virgin Megastore decided to sell its125 music retail stores to Zavvi Retailer. This is just but an example of the music retailers that have slowly been fading into oblivion in the UK. The other retailers include MVC, MUSIC ZONE, and FOPP. This closures and acquisition serve to signify the changing market fortunes in this industry. Despite the fact that Zavvi Retailer acquired stores from Virgin Megastore, the prospects of the business seem to be bleak and black. Thi s is because Entertainment UK (EUK), which is the major supplier of music records to Zavvi, has also been struggling to survive. 2. The service delivered by the retailers of music bear a number of characteristics that distinguishes them from goods. These characteristics include intangibility, inseparability, perishability, variability, inaccessibility. It is from this nature of services that the marketers of music face quite a number of challenges as they market the service to the customers. These challenges are as discussed below: Intangibility of music makes it difficult for the customers to ascertain the risk factors involved before they receive the

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Review of the book Women in Ancirnt Egypt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Review of the book Women in Ancirnt Egypt - Essay Example One point that Gay Robins make that is not all Egyptian women looked like Cleopatra or Nefertiti. Just like not all American women look like models, Egyptian women came in all sizes, shapes, and could be ugly, plain, or beautiful. Most of the Egyptian art that is famous contains pictures of the powerful and beautiful women. However upon second glance of the Ancient Egyptian art, Robins gleans information about all Egyptian women. Instead of taking a patriarchal look at Ancient Egypt, because that was the view in which the written and art was made, Robins delves into the past like no other. Although describing common women, Robins also looks at women rulers and other royalty. She shows how these women rulers were placed on the level of a goddess. The royal women had influence, although not directly. A king’s wife, mother, or daughter could affect his decisions. This shows that even in Ancient Egypt women were strong influences on the men around them despite the male dominant role in this society. Priestesses were also examined in this book. After years of a male dominated society stating that priestesses were pagan and evil, Robins show how these women did fertility and other rituals. These priestesses were the religion in Ancient Egypt. They were honored and adored by many in order to have their wishes granted. It might have seem superstitious to the current audience, but many of today’s religions would seem superstitious to the Ancient Egyptians. Since Robins is examining Ancient Egyptian women through a woman’s perspective, issues concerning women are shown. Examples range from fertility to marriage. Other issues were jobs outside the home, incest, and children. Cosmetics used by Ancient Egyptian women were explained. Soap and hair removal products were also examined. All of these issues did not just affect men, but women as

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Social Contract Theory and the Nature of Society, Rules and Morality Es

Social Contract Theory and the Nature of Society, Rules and Morality Social contract theory is a philosophy about the nature of morality and the origins of society. Its adherents believe â€Å"social organization rests on a contract or compact which the people have made among themselves† (Reese, 533). This concept was first articulated by the Sophists, who said societies are not natural occurrences but rather the result of a consensus of people (Reese 533). Plato expresses these ideas in The Republic when he says that society is created to meet human needs (Encyclopedia 1). Various other philosophers, including Thomas Aquinas, William of Ockham, Marsilius of Padua, and Richard Hooker, incorporated the concept of a social contract in their applications to political theory (Encyclopedia 1). None of these philosophers, however, made the social contract their primary focus. They included the theory as just one component of their main philosophies. It wasn’t until much later that social contract theory was developed as a unique and sep arate philosophy. The 17th Century British...

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Beauty Pageants May Not Be Safe

In countries all around the world, beauty pageants are held as a long-standing tradition. Often, young women participate in these pageants. While pageants are said to present a sense of self-esteem and value for the participants, these competitions often cause damaging emotional issues for an already trying adolescent life. One young participant anonymously said, â€Å"I used to think I was pretty, but once I got on stage and didn't hear my name called the world came to an end and from then on, I've called myself ugly everyday† (Anonymous, 2010).When a girl feels as if she is being valued solely on her looks, she may change her personality and dietary habits to an unsafe level to continuously garner attention. The beauty pageant process is far from the safe harmonious competition it attempts to promote. As the rest of this essay suggest, damaging emotional scars often remain after the competitions are long gone, and pageants themselves harbor predatory dangers to young naive g irls. The first kind of emotional damage young girls face is an overemphasis on physical appearance and a willingness to maintain beauty at any cost.When a female participates in a beauty pageant, she is taught to win by looking attractive. These young girls are conditioned to believe that the only way to look pretty is to starve themselves so that they can achieve a ‘perfect figure’. Although there are many different types of eating disorders in the world, the biggest one of all for beauty pageants is anorexia. Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents (Mirasol). Outside of eating disorders, anxiety and stress are common for participants.In a 2009 interview on Good Morning America, Brooke Breedwell, a pageant queen at the age of five, now twenty, explained there was a price to pay, â€Å"Pageants have put a lot of stress and anxiety on my life I feel the need to be perfect at everything, and I know that's not realistic. You can't be perfect a t everything. † Brooke Breedwell also claimed her mother â€Å"pushed her too hard. † When a mother enters her daughter in a pageant she expects her to win.Most girls receive the ‘no other girl is your friend here’ speech, which cause them to be untruthful by offering fake smiles and false hugs around other participants. It also creates a distant form of interaction causing the females to be shallow, hyper-competitive adults who are never satisfied. The second kind of emotional damage young girls face is an uncharacteristically elevated ego for a teenage or even pre-teenage girl. When a female wins a pageant, she may conclude that she is better than everyone all of her peers.While some might believe it to be healthy to compete in pageants because it creates confidence and it builds character, it’s not. Pageants teach young girls that self worth is in physical beauty only. Parents encourage their daughters to compete in these competitions and do whate ver it takes to win. In some cases, mothers try to live vicariously through their daughter, by entering their daughter in such competitions. This confuses many girls because they don’t know if their mother is their coach or their parent.With young girls participating in televised beauty it is hard to keep pedophiles away. Some pedophiles are driven out to live their fantasies and with young girls on air exploiting themselves it’s easy too. When girls participate they put on clothing that is meant to look ‘sexy’ and ‘inviting’. Girls prance along a stage in alluring clothing welcoming anyone to watch. Girls in pageants have yet to develop their own sense of self and are conditioned to be more pleasing to adults for attention and rewards. An entire television show is dedicated to young girl’s beauty pageants.Each week, viewers are able to watch little girls dress up in bikinis, mini dresses, and other revealing clothing that their mothers choose for them to wear. In conclusion, beauty pageants cause self-hatred and uncertainty of a female’s own body, which could create shallow adults who are never satisfied. Carleton Kendrick, a family therapist says, â€Å"†¦the hard fact remains they are called beauty pageants and they have been and always will be based on using arbitrary standards of ‘beauty’ to make one contestant better than all the rest† (Kendrick).Beauty pageants can cause eating disorders and unrealistic expectations of a female’s own body. Beauty pageants can also cause a female to self-hate if she doesn’t win, or enlarge an ego to an unhealthy level. Unfortunately, if a child participates in beauty pageants that may air on television, anyone can watch including pedophiles. Females should love their own bodies and not care how others judge them upon their appearance.

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Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1300 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/04/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Holocaust Essay Did you like this example? To study history means that one must come to terms that it is ridden with evils, most against groups of human beings. Between the late 1930s and mid-1940s, one of the worst examples of a Genocide in history had taken place in Europe. The Holocaust saw Nazis in Germany slaughtering around six million Jews and an overall total of almost eleven million human beings. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights" essay for you Create order The use of gas chambers and experiments to torture and kill these innocent lives were used to both mentally and physically wipe out a race of people. The Nazi Germans had many reasons, some clear and some complex to understand, in acting in the matter they did towards the Jews. Through different perspectives and testimonies, the culture of anti-Semitism, fear of superiors, and nationalism in Germany were all driving motivations of the perpetrators of the Holocaust. This analysis could thus help in understanding why more genocides and crimes against humanity occur to this day. The study of the Holocaust sees anti-Semitism as one of the greatest motives behind why the Nazi killed so many Jews. The hatred towards Jews stems from Adolph Hitler and his beliefs of what was wrong with Germany. He and many that followed him,associated the Jews with economic hard times and foreign oppressors, although they did not pose an actual threat to anyone (Niewyk 194). They forced the Jewish people to wear yellow stars to not be able to hide their identity, were herded into ghettos, and eventually shipped off to concentration camps with the intention to be killed. The Jews were not seen as humans but rather as outsiders that needed to be done away with in order to have the Germans rise and make society right again. Many Nazi officers were made to believe that, Jews were viewed as enemies of modernity and could never be truly part of what Nazi Germany was becoming (Jones 235). Germany, with the Nazis leading, could only see themselves going in a certain direction and revamping their economic and social climates. It was to be believed that the Jews were going to hinder this progression and a ction needed to be taken before they took over. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 stripped away the rights of Jews and added more fuel that this race was inferior to the Nazi Germans (Jones 236). No longer was it just a group of people oppressing another group of people, but with laws and a whole country were behind them in progressing along. By taking away of rights and livelihood, the Nazi revealed that anti-Semitism was rooted in every discussion that was made towards the Jews. Anti-Semitism was only the tipping point in the motivations of the perpetrators of the Holocaust. Fear played an important role in the operations of Nazi Germany and in how they carried out their plans. Many of the guards and assistants of concentration camps felt pressured to commit the killings or to construct the places where Jews may be killed. This was due to the fact that some felt that if they did not comply with their superiors, they may be kicked out or meet their own deaths. The chain of command was not only something to be abided in Nazi society, but was used as a tool for getting subordinates to do actions that they may not morally want to do. Karl Schultze, an engineer of crematoriums, expressed that he,was afraid of losing my position and of possible arrest if he did not build these deadly structures (Handout). He was not only afraid of the Nazi superiors, but fearful of going against his country and what he believed and stood for. It could even be said that some guards and workers could have been victims themselves, as they were made to have no choices in what the horrors that were going on. This fear was used in order for Nazis of higher ranks to have tasks completed, even if they were cruel and unimaginably. They made it seem that if you were not with the Nazis, then you would also become an enemy against the German state. Unfortunately, nationalism also played a role in the Nazis perpetrators actions during the Holocaust. Nationalism is having pride in ones country, whether it is through ones ideas and beliefs or through someones actions. It may seem that having pride in one country would be a positive attribute, however, it has been used to manipulate mass amounts of people to think that something may be right when it is not. The Nazis in Germany were able to systematically kill so man y Jews due to using nationalism to motivate others to commit monstrous tasks. Engineer Fritz Sander testified that, I saw it as my duty to apply specialist knowledge in this way to help Germany win the war, when discussing the building of bigger crematoriums (Handout). Similarly, when testifying, SS Wilhelm Bahr explained that I only had orders to pour in the gas and I do not know anything about it (Handout). Engineers like Sander and Nazi officers like Bahr were some of many who followed blindly by whatever Nazi superiors told them. They did so as they believed they were doing what was good for the country and did not see a reason to question anything. This became an excuse to not face the fact that they were killing innocent people in order to appease a dictator, Adolph Hitler. Many knew what harm they were doing, but looked the other way as it wasnt a good enough reason to stop. Many saw that these,ordinary Germans easily became genocidal killers and did so even though they did not have to (Jones 251). Although the Nazi gave very little choice on what certain things they had people doing, some of these men could have morally realized and stopped and hopefully escaped. But the pressure from superiors and the fear of going against the country made men turn the other way and carry on, as if nothing evil was going on. Nationalism could be an extremely manipulative way to get people to do what they want and that is exactly what the Nazis did. The Nazi Doctors were some of the evilest and cruel perpetrators of the Holocaust. These doctors would perform experiments on prisoners in the concentration camps and had no regard as to who they were experimenting with. Many of these doctors did not see the Jews as real humans, but rather as objects to tinker with. Robert Lifton explained that They [the SS doctors] did their work just as someone who goes to an office goes about his work, making what they did seem normal (Handout). These doctors almost seemed to separate themselves, from the people they were in the concentration camps and the people outside of it. By normalizing what they were doing, it made it seem as if they were not bothered by the fact that they were mutilating and killing Jews (Handout). These doctors were also being asked to do these horrific things and if they didnt comply, they might f ace consequences like anyone else who goes against the superiors of the Nazis. Isabella Leitner, a survivor of Nazi Dr. Mengle, stated that you would never suspect the evilhe was the genius of death when describing how Dr. Mengle came off before the torture (Handout). These doctors came off as normal people, yet turned towards cruel and unimaginable actions to experiment and ultimately bring death to the Jewish people. Nationalism played a huge role in the psychology of the Nazi doctors. Many of these doctors were conducting experiments for the betterment of society and hopes to help with the war. Through this reasoning, many were blind to realize what damage they were doing, as they only wanted to complete their tasks and help the country.